Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University Course Catalogue

Information on the Institution

General Admission Requirements


Admission to Undergraduate Studies

for Turkish Students;

Students are admitted to associate degree and undergraduate programs by the Turkish Admission Board (OSYM) according to the quality of their test scores and their Grade-Point-Averages. The selection and placement procedure consists of two phases: YGS and LYS. Students are required to get a score between 140-179.999 out of 500 in order to apply for associate degree and distance learning programs. Those who get at least 180 on YGS Test are eligible for taking the Test for LYS; moreover, they are free to apply for undergraduate study programs that require YGS Test scores. Furthermore, those who get a score of at least 180 out of 500 on LYS Test are free to apply for placements.

On the other hand, those applying to be admitted to Fine Arts faculties which require aptitude tests must get at least 140 scores on YGS.


for Foreign Students;

Within the framework of the the relevant agreements between Turkey and other countries, whether students receive financial aid in their homeland or independently financed, they must comply with the rules and regulations of Nevşehir University regarding “ Foreign Student Admission”  in their admission to associate degree and undergraduate programs. For rules and regulations, please check “”.

The details regarding the applications of the students admitted to Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University shall be announced on the website of the university. (


 for Exchange Students;

 Our university offers adult education programs and Erasmus student Exchange & Placement  programs within the framework of LLP.

The International Office receives and processes applications  for admission to these programs. After meeting the minimum requirements, interested students must take a language proficiency test. Eligible students applications shall be sent to the corresponding departments abroad. After applications have been received by the universities, eligibility and availibility of space are checked and the necessary procedures are applied. After the completion of the student study-abroad term, The Office shall make the outgoing students be aware of the necessary documents that must be submitted.


Student Mobility for Studies:

Minimum Requirements:

The students applying for the exchange program must :

  • have an accumulative grade-point-average of 2.00 out of 4.00 (Undergraduate & Associate Degree Students)
  • have an accumulative grade-point-average of 2.50  out of 4.00 ( Graduate Students)
  • pass the language proficiency test
  • be enrolling for the first time.


Student Mobility for Placements

Minimum Requirements:

  • have an accumulative grade-point-average of 2.00 out of 4.00 or 70  out of 100. (Undergraduate & Associate Degree/First Cycle Students)
  • have an accumulative grade-point-average of 2.50 out of 4.00  or 75 out of 100. ( Graduate/ Phd Students)


Admission to Graduate Programs


 for Turkish Students;

Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University has rules and regulations regarding the admittance of Turkish students for graduate programs. You can view these rules and regulations at

Graduate Admission rules and regulations are listed below:

  1.  A diploma from a recognized undergraduate institution
  2.  To apply for a phd program, students must have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree or, except for preparatory classes, at least ten semesters worth of credits in a faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. Additionally, the students must hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree from Pharmaceutical and Sciences Department or a specialist’s degree and have sufficient laboratory experience in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health.
  3. Prospective art students must have a bachelor's or master's degree.
  4. The applicants must have a minimum score of 55 on ALES Test in order to  apply for a thesis and a non-thesis master’s degree programs while a minimum score of 55 is required for graduate students applying for a Phd or proficiency in arts programs. Additionally, a minimum score of 70 on ALES Test is required for those who hold an undergraduate degree. ALES score types are determined by boards of relevant institutes. On the other hand, a minimum verbal and quantitative score of 1100 on GRE and a score of 3,5 in terms of writing skills or a minimum score of 550 on GMAT shall be accepted instead of ALES in applying for the programs. The equivalent scores to ALES are determined by the joint proposal of the institutes and the resolution of the Board of Directors in every university. When applying for graduate programs, certificates of ÜDS, KPDS, TOEFL, IELTS or any language test scores equivalent to ÜDS accredited by the Interuniversitary Board shall be accepted as a certificate of language proficiency.
  5. The relevant boards of directors determine the minimum GPA that undergraduate and graduate students must possess for admittance.
  6. Prospective students applying for proficiency in phd and arts must have at least a score of 55 on UDS or an equivalent score on a foreign  test recognized by the Board.
  7. Foreign students who graduate from a higher educational institution in Turkey, must take the ALES test while those who graduate from universities outside of Turkey are not required to take the ALES test.However, they must submit a certificate of equivalence from the Higher Education Council, hereinafter referred to as HEC, and a certificate of proficiency in Turkish from TOMER. The institute board of directors is authorized to determine the admittance requirements of foreign students.
  8. Students may apply for a thesis and non-thesis master's program or a phd and a proficiency in art program at the same time while  they are not allowed to submit a multiple application for graduate programs of the samel level during the same application period.
  9. The relevant board of institution are authorized to determine the required documents for application as well as the other terms of application. 


for Foreign Students;

Foreign students are admitted to graduate programs in accordance with the principles specified by  HEC and the resolution of the Board of Directors of the Institute provided that: 

-          They hold an undergraduate or a graduate degree diploma either from a higher education institution across Turkey or from a higher education institution  abroad accredited by the Higher Education Council of Turkey (HEC).

-          They have complied with the rules and regulations of the Board of Institute that they apply to.

-          They have got the approval of the Head Office of the department that they apply to.