Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University Course Catalogue

General Information for Students

Language Courses


The Language Teaching, Practice  & Research Center of Nevşehir University (NEDİM) was founded based on the regulation dated 03. 11. 2011 and no 28104 of the Official Gazette. The center- , as the name suggests, aims to set a model to the universities in the Cappadocia Region to teach languages and carry out researches into languages in general. Moreover, it places a top priority on teaching Turkish as a foreign language and conducting researches on Turkish language in particular.

In addition, the center is responsible for teaching Turkish to foreign students and to those who want to learn Turkish and issuing certificates of level based on the proficiency tests that it organizes. Thus, it plays an important role in helping the people across the region learn foreign languages because of its location as the heart of tourism in Turkey.

Finally, the centre offers a great variety of opportunities for teaching foreign languages to those who would like to improve their level of proficiency in a given language.


Erasmus Intensive Language Courses

Those who have been found eligible to take part in Erasmus Exchange programs may take an intensive language course in one of the following countries either  before their study/ placement period or during their study abroad. Students may attend the course organized only before mobility activities. They are not allowed to take the course by the end of the mobility activity. The objective of the course is to help the outgoing erasmus students learn the language and culture of the country to such an extent that they can meet their daily needs in the country where they are going to study for a certain period. Priority in EILC is given to those who are going to stay abroad for a longer study/placement period.


EILC takes 2- 6 weeks and has a minimum of 15 hours of teaching a week. totalling 60 hours of teaching. Moreover, there are language lab studies and free time for students to study on their own except for  the teaching hours.


Nevşehir University holds intensive language courses in Turkish for those who are going to study in other universities across Turkey under Erasmus program; for example, it held a Turkish EILC in summer 2010 for 40 students coming from 26 countries across Europe


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