Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University Course Catalogue

General Information for Students


Students can find accommodation in such places as state dormitories for boys /girls (separate), private dormitories for boys /girls (separate) as well as in flats where they can stay with friends. The state and private dormitories can hold up to 2000 female studens and 1000 male students in total. There is a dormitory for female students that can hold up to 300 persons in Avanos. Moreover, there is a construction of a dormitory for 350 female students in progress which is planned to be inaugurated next year. There is one dormitory for female students and another for male students belonging to the town council of Hacıbektaş district. Furthermore, there are dormitories for both female and male students holding up to 1500 in total in the districts of Ürgüp, Hacıbektaş, Gülşehir and Avanos where the vocational schools of Nevşehir University are located.

There are shuttle services to the University offered by the private dormitories in the city centre. Additionally, the Hotel of Nevşehir Universiy in Ürgüp is at the disposal of our students and their parents.


Contact info:

  • Sebahat & Erol Toksöz Vocational School Hotel of Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University

Address: Fatih Mah. 12. Cad. No:3 ÜRGÜP/NEVŞEHİR

Telephone: 0 384 341 66 90 - 91 - 93 - Fax: 0 384 341 66 94