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General Information for Students

Facilities for Special Needs Students

The Department for the Unhandicapped is in place to assess the physical, emotional and social needs for students, staff and faculty with disabilities. It also works to develop and put into place the necessary measures, equipments and best practices.


 The department employs a service that ensures the transportation of the handicapped enrollees and their parents from the terminal to the campus during the registration period. Priority is given to the handicapped students during the registration process, for example, registration is kept open to the students with disabilities during the entire first week. Additionally, free meal plans are made available to all the students with disabilities.


During enrollment, students must declare their physical status in order to  determine the number of handicapped students in the university. The department is also in charge of asessing the suitability of campus facilities for students with disabilities.


Members of the Department for the Unhandicapped

1- Prof. Dr. İlyas GÖKHAN  

Ext.: 1321       E-mail:


2- Assist. Prof. Zeliha LEBLEBİCİ                  

Ext: 1027        E-mail:


3- Kamuran ÖZDİL- Senior Lecturer                      

Ext: 2245    E-mail:


4- Assist. Prof. Serkan AKILLI                             

Ext: 2245    E-mail:


Department for the Unhandicapped 

Operator: 0 384 228 10 00     E-mail :