Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University Course Catalogue

Information on the Institution

ECTS Credit Allocation Based on The Student Workload Needed in order to Achieve Expected Learning Outcomes

The ECTS of  the courses offered in Nevşehir has been determined by HEC based on the student workload by taking into consideration the diploma level of the relevant program and the credit range specified in accordance with the higher education qualifications framework


The student workload comprises such factors as the required theoretical and practical teaching hours, extra-mural activities of each student, projects and tests, which are necessary for a student to complete the courses.

A template is used for each course to determine its ECTS credit. Accordingly, the ECTS credit of a course is determined as follows:


Student Work Load

Type of Work

Weekly Hours

Number of Weeks

Work Load

Weekly Course Hours (Theoretical+Practice)


Outside Class


       a) Reading


       b) Search in internet/Library


       c) Performance Project


       d) Prepare a workshop/Presentation/Report


       e) Term paper/Project


Oral Examination




Laboratory exam


Own study for mid-term exam


Mid-term exam


Own study for final exam


Final exam


Total work load;


Total Work Load/30 Hours


ECTS Credits



Moreover, studies based on the opinions of the students was done in order to determine the workload of every single course. The prospective student workloads of every single course based on the opinions of students were taken in determining the ECTS credits. Revision of ECTS credits by harmonizing the feedback received from the course coordinators’ and students’. 


The ECTS in Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University is 30 ECTS for a half term while it is 60 ECTS for a whole academic year.

  • 120 ECTS for Associate's Degree Programs
  • 240 ECTS for Bachelor's  Degree Programs
  • 90-120 ECTS for Master's Degree Programs
  • 180 (min.) ECTS for Doctorate Programs.


A student workload for a whole academic year has been determined as 1800 hours since 1 ECTS corresponds to 30 hours in Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University.